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i3 Simulations offers intuitive, immersive, and interactive XR applications for healthcare training. i3 believes in empowering healthcare professionals via technology to share and democratize knowledge in revolutionary ways.

i3 Simulations is a worldwide technology provider specialising in intelligent and responsive virtual reality and mixed reality turnkey applications for healthcare simulation and training. The company has successfully traded in offering research and development as a service and providing bespoke design and development services. In addition to its service offering, the company has developed its own in-house product range in XR, catering to remote and on-site installations. i3 Simulations has managed to build strong and strategic global partnerships with top-tier clinical industry names, including but not limited to Meta, Oxford University, NHS, CHLA, SingHealth, and 80+ medical institutions worldwide.

SME - C++ & DSA Intern

Delhi, India (On-Site)

~ โ‚น10 LPA

< 2 Years

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Job Description

About the role: Type of work - Full-time (preferred) Employment Type - Contractual/Internship - 6-12 months Location - Onsite What You Will Do: 1. Create high quality learning content for the course, keeping in mind that the learners hold 0-1 year experience. 2. Your day to day task will revolve around creating text-based learning content for topics relevant to game development. 3. Creating Engaging and value providing content which is going to be read by Thousands of students. 4. Creating elements like Quizzes and Assignments for our content. 5. Coding and Explaining **game projects** made from scratch in **C++ & SFML** to the audience. 6. Co-ordinating with the Core team to make sure that the final output is of high quality. 7. Communicating ideas and concepts with exceptional clarity through both written and verbal means. 8. Utilizing your Ed-tech Subject Matter Expertise (SME) or teaching experience to develop comprehensive and engaging educational content. Must Have: - Good explanation and presentation skills, should be able to convey their thoughts with utmost clarity - Ability to explain and brainstorm code architecture with users. - Good understanding of C++ and applications of Data Structures - Clean Code writing with OOP & SOLID principles - Experience in Game Development. Good To Have: - Teaching or mentorship experience that showcases your ability to explain complex subjects effectively. What we expect: - Someone who is ready to work with us on contract basis, dedicatedly for our project. - Efficient time management is encouraged. - It is mandatory to work from our office in Delhi

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