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World Director (H/F/Nb)

Montpellier, Occitanie, France (On-Site)

5 Years +

1 Week ago

3 skills required for this role

Job Description

As World Director, you will be in charge of the consistency and quality of the world, as defined by the creative vision. Part of the core team, you will ensure the richness and coherence of the game world by overseeing the logic, rules, world-building and system interactions in order to create a rich world for players to explore. You will be the reference, point of contact for the team, concerning justification of world-building choices, and be responsible for the alignment of creative decisions to the microcosm of the game world being built.

 Type of Position: Permanent, full-time.


The main and routine tasks of the World Director are to:

  • Create an achievable and consistent world direction, by having a good understanding of the game mechanics, systems, technical limitations, and production capacity;

  • Be owner of the logic of the world and provide game-appropriate inputs to the Narrative, Art & design teams in alignment with the overall creative vision;

  • For example; geological origins, Landscape, climate, biomes, fauna, population, urbanism, culture, tech, society, governments, laws, etc, depending on the nature and needs of the game

  • Work with the creative director to ensure that the world direction is aligned with the creative director’s vision;

  • Communicate and ensure consistency of the vision for the world to all others involved (Level Design, Level Art and Technical Direction)

  • Create World Bible, centralize the documentation & research, in collaboration with the other directors in the core team;

  • Organize and expand canonical fiction of the game world;

  • Act as the evangelist for exploration-focused play, with the goal of a game world that inspires and rewards the curiosity of players;

  • Work with game design to define the rules of the world, and the systems that will convey them to the player, ultimately shaping the activities and gameplay for the players.

  • Oversee implementation of prototypes to ensure a living world, which is rich, interesting, credible and conforms to the initial intention

  • Overall responsible for the layout of the world (landmarks, point of interests etc.) and ensure the level design direction, art direction for the world is consistent with your world vision, and the creative directors overall vision;

  • With the producer and/or creative director, determine the production priorities and eventual scope adjustments as pertaining to the world;

  • Understand consumer needs and ensure that the developed elements contribute to player satisfaction and enjoyment; 

  • Create a work environment that motivates the design leads and fosters creativity;

  • All other related tasks.



Bachelor’s degree or College Diploma in game design, level design, or equivalent;


  • Minimum 5+ years’ experience in a Lead or Director capacity (Design, Art, Narrative) or equivalent role;

  • Must have shipped 3 or more AAA game(s).

Other Skills:

  • Knowledge of creating immersive worlds

  • Excellent gameplay building and placing skills;

  • Knowledge of the limitations of the various engines;

  • Excellent knowledge of the engines and game platforms;

  • Strong understanding of systems design and experience designing for emergent behaviors;

  • Knowledge of transmedia strategy

  • Excellent knowledge and understanding of the video game development process;

  • Ability to effectively communicate guidelines;

  • Ability to revise the work done by others and suggest improvements if necessary;

  • Ability to present his/her ideas, impart the world direction and provide constructive criticism;

  • Ability to effectively collaborate with members of the graphics dept, game design, and gameplay programming and other project teams;

  • Passion for video games and in-depth, extensive knowledge of the industry.

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